Is Your Executive Leadership Team Aligned?

The habits of John D. Rockefeller contributed to his greatness. This quiz looks at three key focus areas: Priorities, Data and Rhythms to determine if your team is aligned. 

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The Priorities

Does everyone in the company have a shared understanding of the priorities and how their role contributes to the bigger picture? The cascading effect of clear priorities shared amongst the team will keep everyone rowing in the same direction. 

The Data

All competitive sports have scoreboards for a reason, it let's the team know, in real-time, where they stand against the opponent. Data drives decision making and a great team knows how to separate the signal from the noise in the myriad of data. Aligned companies know the numbers that are important and these numbers are tracked at all time intervals. 

The Rhythms

Ensure that meetings are aligned to the goals and data of the companies and that meetings follow a structure, a heartbeat and contain healthy routines. Eliminate the meetings that cost your company valuable time and focus on meetings that accelerate your companies growth. 

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The executive team is healthy and aligned.